About Us

New Deliverance Evangelistic Church was conceived in 1995 in the heart of Gerald O. Glenn, its Founder and Senior Pastor. Acting upon what he describes as a "God Inspired Vision", he consulted with his pastor and spiritual counselor, the late Benjamin Smith, then Pastor of Deliverance Evangelistic Church in Philadelphia, PA. Pastor Smith encouraged him to fulfill the work that God had planted within him; providing Pastor Glenn the necessary guidance and support he would need to endure the many trials that were to come.

Pastor Glenn organized and formed the New Deliverance Evangelistic Church, with the support of his wife, First Lady Marcietia Glenn, and their children. On December 16th, 1995, with 20 others gathered together, he conducted the first meeting of the new ministry.

Pastor Glenn began scouting out possible venues for the first service of the new church. The venue secured was the George Wythe High School auditorium (capacity 1000). George Wythe High School would be home until a church building could be erected.

The first service (1st Sunday in January 1996) was delayed due to a major snowstorm in the Central Virginia area. Yet on the 2nd Sunday in January of 1996, well over 800 parishioners gathered to hear the Word of God proclaimed, despite the snow and ice that remained.

To the amazement of the local faith community and "traditional" church leaders and congregants, NDEC flourished. When Pastor Glenn first extended an invitation for supporters and followers to "bond with the ministry in March of 1996, over 300 people were received. Later that year, NDEC joined the Deliverance Fellowship in Philadelphia, PA with Pastor Benjamin Smith serving as overseeing of the conference.

While at George Wythe, the church purchased land at 1701 Turner Road in Chesterfield County, VA. With just over two years since the first service, NDEC took occupancy of our current church building on Sunday, July 21, 1998.


Historical Chronology


The New Deliverance Christian Academy was established providing quality, affordable pre-school and kindergarten classes to the children of members and the community. In 2003, the Academy implemented its first 1st grade class and began offering before and after school care to students up to age 12. The Academy currently provides Christian education to Pre-K through 4th grade students.


Bishop Carl V. Roberson of Buffalo, NY presided as Chief Consecrator assisted by Bishop C.E. Anderson (N.C. Second Ecclesiastical Jurisdictional Prelate), elevated and consecrated our pastor to the Bishopric. (April 29, 2000)

Bishop Glenn organized the New Deliverance Fellowship Conference of Churches.
To date, 20 congregations throughout the United States have joined.

The NDEC Fellowship Conference held its first Revival in June 2000.

Bishop Glenn successfully lead a coalition of civil rights organizations, community leaders, pastors and people in protest against Chesterfield County's Board of Supervisors decision to proclaim the month of April as Confederate Heritage and History Month.


Bishop Glenn mobilized the community to rally and protest against the efforts of the World Church of the Creator, a white supremacist group, to generate support for the establishment of a chapter in Chesterfield County, VA.
(October 2002)


The Smith-Wilder Memorial Annex was completed and paid in full with
monies contributed by members, friends, and supporters.

NDEC purchases the adjacent 12-acre parcel of land for ministry expansion.
This 12-acre parcel will be the sight for the Greater New Deliverance Evangelistic Church.


NDEC Fellowship Conference was blessed and humbled to have as it guest and keynote speaker the Right Reverend G.E. Patterson, Presiding Bishop of the Church of God in Christ, Inc. (June 2004)

The adjacent 12-acre parcel of land was paid off during 11:00 service. (October 17, 2004)


The church's 15 year mortgage was paid off in September 2006. NDEC IS DEBT FREE!


Bishop Glenn is conferred a Doctorate of Ministry from Virginia Triumphant College and Seminary.

Bishop Glenn was installed as Chief Apostle for the Pastors For Family Values (PFFV) of Virginia.


The farmhouse on the 5-acre parcel called Nehemiah's house was demolished to enhance the grounds and provide space for a playground for the New Deliverance Christian Academy (NDCA).

Phase 1 of our new building project, an additional parking lot, was constructed to accommodate
approximately 127 vehicles. This parking lot has been paved and paid in full.


The New Deliverance Christian Academy's playground was upgraded with new fenced in playground equipment.

Since the inception, NDEC's philosophy has been simple, preach Holiness, encourage a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, save souls from hell and continually tell of the miraculous power of the Holy Spirit to deliver us,
His people, from sins that bind us.

We are poised to have an even greater impact on the lives of the people of God.