About Bishop

Born and reared in Kingsville, Texas, Bishop G. O. Glenn is the senior pastor and founding visionary of the New Deliverance Evangelistic Church (NDEC) and the New Deliverance Christian Academy in Richmond, Virginia. He along with his wife, Marcietia, organized the ministry in 1995 with God, twenty people and a one hundred dollar bill. From this humble beginning in a high school auditorium, Bishop Glenn has grown this God-inspired ministry to an average weekly attendance of over 750 souls. Under his charismatic leadership and strong faith principles, New Deliverance became a debt-free ministry in 2006 when it retired more than two million dollars of debt within an eight-year time span.

Bishop Glenn is the founder and President of the New Deliverance Foundation. He serves as a Chaplain for the Chesterfield County Police Department. In September 2011, he accepted the appointment as Chairman of Care Net's Life Ambassadors Leadership Council, and served two years. He was elected as Vice-chair of the Board of Directors of the National Alliance of Faith and Justice. He is the former presiding officer of The Family Foundation of Virginia-Pastors for Family Values to which he was appointed in 2007. He is a former member of the Commonwealth of Virginia's Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial Commission and the Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Anniversary Subcommittee. Bishop Glenn has previously served as Co-chair of the Governor's statewide Task Force on Preventing Crime in Minority Communities and Director of Virginia's Department of Juvenile Justice. Bishop Glenn earned an Associate Degree from El Centro College, Dallas, Texas and a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Management from St. Paul's College, Lawrenceville, Virginia. In 2007, he received the Degree of Doctorate in Ministry from Virginia Triumphant College and Seminary, Richmond, Virginia.

The Church of God in Christ (COGIC) has been a part of Bishop Glenn's roots since childhood in rural south Texas. He has served as pastor of COGIC congregations in both Texas and Virginia. In January 2006, Bishop Glenn was appointed by the late Presiding Bishop Gilbert E. Patterson and the General Board as an Auxiliary Bishop in the Church of God in Christ. In November 2006, during the 99th Holy Convocation in Memphis, TN, he was formally inducted and consecrated into the College of Bishops of the Church of God in Christ. In 2004, he led his congregation in fulfilling a $100,000 pledge to the National Church in support of the Presiding Bishop's effort to renovate the historic Mason Temple.

TV broadcast airs on Sundays at 8:30 AM on WTVR Channel 6 in Richmond.

Bishop Glenn is married to the woman of his dreams and partner in ministry, Mother Marcietia Lee Simmons Glenn. They have two sons and three daughters, which several of whom are married and ten grandchildren. Most importantly, he is an avid fan of the world champion Dallas Cowboys!